The recent newspaper headlines about Haiti read like this: 

“Chaos, gang violence again erupt in Haiti.”
“Haiti stuck in a vicious circle.”
“U.S. Christian ministry’s plane destroyed by rioters in Haiti.”
“Doctors without Borders forced to suspend Haiti medical care again.” 

But what is the truth about the current state of Haiti? 

An American missionary shared the following words. They are a difficult, yet truthful reflection of life in Haiti. But praise God they are not without hope.

“I can no longer travel freely. I can’t be seen on certain roads at certain times. No one stateside can come visit me. The gangs have spread out and their power seems to have grown too great for anyone to stand up against.


The people are hungry.

The hungry are starving.

The churches are mourning.

 Life as we knew it seems too distant to remember and the new season seems too much like a taste of hell on earth for the Haitians just trying to live.


And yet I’m surrounded by the most selfless, God-fearing, humble Haitians.



Costs have risen. Help has fled.



And if it wasn’t for the faith we have in the fact that God still holds all things together, we’d think darkness had overtaken at times.

There are so many good people on this island. They want to work, feed their families, and worship their God… but so much of the good they do is stripped away by the gangs and their terror.


We need a miracle. Haiti as a whole. It’s dark times. And yet we press on. God is still working.


These people shouldn’t be forgotten and abandoned… There’s still hope. I see it with my own eyes. We all need Jesus. Please pray for Haiti… God be with us.”


So what’s the truth about the current state of Haiti?

Life continues to be very, very difficult. The waiting list for students in need of sponsorship grows each day. Food prices are soaring and it’s a challenge to feed all of the children in the schools. Gang violence has made it a struggle for our staff to move around the country to access much-needed supplies like medication and goat feed.

But praise God that it is not without hope!

God is still working in the midst of the tremendous struggles.
God is still working through our Haitian staff, who are the hands and feet of Jesus.
God is still working through supporters like you, who pray and who give generously.
Thank you. 

Do you want to continue to bring light to the darkness in Haiti?
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