It’s me again, Wosdana!
I have some sad news today. In the summer my mom had another baby in her tummy. When it was time for the baby to come out – TWO babies came out!  I have no idea how that happened.  We were so excited, but the babies didn’t live very long.
My mom felt really bad because she couldn’t see a doctor before the babies were born. There were no doctors or nurses or anywhere to get medicine close to our house. It was really sad to lose my baby brother and my baby sister and see my mom cry.   
But, now there is a new Medical Center close by my house that is run by World Wide Village. It’s huge! I like to run and peek over the hill at the medical center and think about all of the moms and babies who will get to go there soon. Just imagine it!
Now that we are friends, I need your help. There are lots of moms and babies in my village. Will you give a gift to World Wide Village to help them?
When you give a Christmas gift to World Wide Village you can help the moms in my village be able to see a doctor when they’re going to have a baby. That would make me feel so much better. PLUS, my oldest sister told me that you might be able to help keep her safe from a scary sickness called cer-vi-cal can-cer…or something like that. She was happy about that.    
I hope to talk to you again soon!
Wosdana Baptiste
$50 provides a birthing kit, vitamins and training for an expectant mother
$100 will screen ten women for cervical cancer 
$400 pays the monthly salary of a nurse to supervise a hypertension program