Water Changes Everything.


Ilyanise hauls water several times per day to fill the large, metal basin at her home where she washes clothes to earn a living. The buckets are heavy and the path to the well is unpaved, but her family depends upon her income to survive so she struggles with the burden every day.


Imagine Ilyanise’s joy when she found out a well was being drilled very close to her home in Luly, Haiti!  


Thanks to your support of World Wide Village, Ilyanise is now able to fetch fresh water easily. The extra time and energy Ilyanise saves by having water close to home will even allow her to expand her business and better care for her children.


“The well is very important for me because I used to go far away for water.  When it would rain, the path to fetch water would get very, very slippery.” – Ilyanise


Thank you for providing fresh water to Ilyanise and  so many others in Luly, Haiti!