In this world you will have trouble…

Jesus was right when He said we would have trouble in this world!  2019-2020 in Haiti has brought no shortage of troubles.  These challenges have affected many areas of our ministry, one of which was delaying the start of the Healthy Mothers + Healthy Babies initiative, but God has helped us overcome!
Here are just a few of the challenges from the last two years:
  • Political protesting in the fall and then COVID-19 in the spring kept medical teams from traveling to Haiti to train the World Wide Village nurses to start the maternal health program.
  • The nurses that we had previously hired for the blood pressure program lived in Port-au-Prince and often had difficulty traveling to Williamson to work due to roadblocks on the main roads.
  • Your generosity at year-end in 2018 allowed us to ship an entire container of medical furniture and equipment to stock the medical center!  We were so thankful that the container eventually arrived, but due to the struggles in Haiti, shipping was delayed and costly.


But take heart, for I have overcome the world!

We have encountered no shortage of hardships over the last two years, but God has proven faithful once again. Amidst these struggles, God has used the hardships to teach us perseverance. We are confident that the Healthy Mothers + Healthy Babies program is starting on firm ground and that God has brought us to this point in His timing.
This is how we’ve seen God at work in this program in 2020: 
  • We have formed a new partnership with an organization called Midwives for Haiti. They are a wonderful organization that trains midwives to work in rural areas of Haiti.  They provided us with excellent candidates to interview for our midwife position and we have learned a lot through this relationship.
  • With your help this December, we will be ready to hire one of the midwife candidates to start the new program!  We feel she is a perfect candidate and are thrilled to see how God will use her to bless mothers and babies in Williamson, Haiti.
  • Thanks to your ongoing support, we have been able to more fully finish the inside of the medical center. Windows were added earlier this year and the bathrooms at the medical center are being finished as you read this!

We are so thankful for all of your support of this much anticipated program.

With your help this December, 2021 will be the culmination of the long-awaited Healthy Mothers + Healthy Babies program!

New windows being installed

New maternal health room

Medical center bathrooms in progress