It’s hard to express just how much your gifts and prayers are helping the people of Haiti. We hope these photos and stories will give you a small glimpse of the impact you’re making for students and families. Thank you!



As many families were forced to flee their homes several months ago in Williamson, your generosity has provided a safety net for many in need. Your ongoing support continues to sustain families. Thank you for giving emergency food packs, shelter and rent payments, school supply needs, and so much more!


The first baby was born at the new location for Sant Sante Espwa last week!  Patients – old and new – are coming to the new medical building to receive care once again. Our nurse and midwife continue to provide pre and postnatal care, vitamins for young children, blood pressure monitoring for older adults and wound care. Also, as cholera inches its way closer to our area, they will be able to provide guidance on how to stay healthy.




Your ongoing giving allows World Wide Village to continue developing an amazing team on the ground in Haiti!

Each of our staff members have received gifts and skills from the Lord. They use those gifts to serve in their communities on behalf of World Wide Village.

These photos show our World Wide Village team in action providing medical care and spiritual care for a young mother in Haiti who has been ill. Her family also received a food pack and help with school supplies as she has been unable to provide. Boots on the ground combined with your heartfelt gifts are changing lives!


Praise God that schools in our area of Haiti continue to remain open! Thanks to our amazing sponsors, over 1500 children are learning and growing despite the insecurity and chaos all around them. Sponsorship is giving children hope for a brighter future in the midst of hardship. Even while many of our students moved away as they fled the gang violence, many more are being blessed with an education. Thank you!