Right now, World Wide Village has an amazing opportunity to multiply the impact of raising goats for families in Haiti with a new partnership!

“Farmer John’s” is a Haitian organization focused on building sustainable ag business by producing quality meat through a Haitian-led butcher shop. This processed and packaged meat is being sold all over Haiti and business is booming!

Families in the WWV Goat Program will soon have the chance to partner with Farmer John and provide goats each month for his butcher shop! This new business venture will be a wonderful opportunity for families in Williamson to sell the goats they are raising, providing a sustainable livelihood.





World Wide Village is also planning to pilot a new program for improving the health of goats in Haiti. Sunn Hemp has been shown to improve herd health in goats and Petcher Seeds recently donated seeds to start this project in Williamson!

World Wide Village will be fencing a one-acre test plot of land to begin growing Sunn Hemp to feed our herd, with plans to expand into the community. Healthy goats mean more meat for the community and more income for families who are raising goats!





10-year-old Amari from Wisconsin was inspired by the LUV ANYWAY Zoom event last month and decided to take action! Hearing the stories of the families who were blessed by goats over the last year, Amari and her family are now raising funds to provide more goats in Haiti!

Amari’s goal is to provide 60 goats to families in Haiti by the end of October, but she needs your help! A gift of $75 will provide one pregnant goat and training to a family in need.