When Gislene Theus first came down from the mountains to live in Williamson, she was eight years old. After having been abandoned, she was taken in by a local pastor and his family.


Thanks to sponsorship, she was able to start preschool. Even though she was behind in school, she hoped she could someday become a teacher.

Then, at age 13, Gislene visited the World Wide Village medical center and her prognosis did not look good. There were several very deep sores on her arm and our medical team knew she needed further treatment for either a bone infection or bone cancer.


Neither diagnosis would be easy to treat – especially in Haiti.

Thanks to your support, Gislene was able to seek care from some of the best hospitals in Haiti. But when hospital after hospital was unable to treat her condition, healing for Gislene was looking bleak.


She was starting to be in more pain and undoubtedly needed treatment, so we prayed.


“I was afraid,” said Gislene. “I really didn’t know what would happen.” 

We knew God had answered our prayers for healing when we learned of a hospital in Haiti with an American orthopedic surgeon on staff.


They scheduled Gislene’s surgery in just a few short days.


Praise God that the surgery went well and Gislene healed beautifully!

Today, Gislene is 16 years old and still learning and growing in school thanks to sponsorship. Even through the many ups and downs of life, she continues to smile.


Gislene loves to play hopscotch with her younger siblings, eat spaghetti and her friends call her Gigi. God is at work in her life!


Thank you for your continued support of children in Haiti like Gislene. You are changing lives!