This #GivingTuesday, your generosity helped to POWER THE PUMPS and provide solar power for one of the wells in Williamson, Haiti!  



There are many benefits to using solar-powered pumps over diesel generators:

  • Diesel fuel is expensive and difficult to access in Haiti, while solar powered systems use free sunlight.
  • Diesel generators are not eco-friendly, while solar power uses clean energy.
  • Costly service is required on the diesel generators, while solar powered pumps are long-lasting, durable and highly reliable.

Another benefit to solar powered pumps is the ability to pump water longer distances. A solar powered pumping system will allow World Wide Village to pump water to the schools, agricultural projects and other areas within the communities with ease.

You might be asking… Why solar power?  Why not a hand pump?

There are several reasons… First, solar-powered water pumps last longer and are more reliable than basic hand pumps. The WWV wells are also very deep. Hand pumps are not meant to operate pumps for deep wells. Instead, these wells which access deep ground water have to be pumped via electric water pumps. The problem?  There is no access to electricity in these rural areas in Haiti.

For the last several years, these electric pumps have been powered by diesel generators. These diesel-powered generators have served their purpose as an interim form of energy for the well pumps, offering water to many, many people. But there is a much better way… solar-powered pumps! 


Isn’t solar power expensive?

While the initial cost of a solar system is higher, over the lifetime of the pumping system, replacement parts and maintenance costs are far lower. Also, the diesel generator continues to consume costly fuel, but sunlight is free! The good news is that the prices of solar power systems have dropped in recent years, making them more affordable than ever before. These systems are a great option for sustainable sources of water, lasting more than 25 years. Plus, they utilize a resource that Haiti has in excess… sunlight! 


Solar power = clean energy for 25+ years.  Solar is simply better!


Thank you for giving generously and helping spread the word about the need to POWER THE PUMPS. What a difference this will make for those people living in rural Haiti.


There is still time to give if you would like to help POWER THE PUMPS for the second well. Thank you for your partnership in building up the people of Haiti!