Pictured: Wosdana who couldn’t smile because she was hungry


Hi, My name is Wosdana. I am six years old and I live in Williamson, Haiti. It’s a long walk, but I can see the ocean from my house.  I like the cool breezes it gives us at night.

My mom loves me very much, but sometimes she has a hard time getting enough money to buy food.  It’s really hard to be hungry. I used to collect lots of sticks for a fire hoping we would have enough food to eat. I felt like I couldn’t smile when I was hungry. 

But don’t worry, this year some nice people from World Wide Village came and helped my mom start a business. Now, my mom sells things in the market and has enough money to take care of me and my brothers and sisters. We even get sweet mangos for a treat. I like that!

Pictured: Siltamene with her new business in the market

My friends from World Wide Village also gave my mom some goats.  When the goats have babies (goats have LOTS of babies in Haiti!), my mom will be able to sell some goats and buy the things we need – like maybe even a new house someday.

My friends are sometimes hungry, too. I want them to be able to have enough food and some goats.


Maybe you can give a gift to World Wide Village as a Christmas present to help my friends.  I think that’s a great idea!  Ok, time to go help my mom wash the dishes, but please don’t forget my friends!


Wosdana Baptiste

P.S. Doesn’t my mom look proud of her new business in the market!