You are promoting sustainability in Haiti and it’s wonderful!  So many families have been blessed over the last month thanks to your ongoing support of World Wide Village. Here are just a few of our favorite stories of the families being impacted by your generosity.

Mona & Children

Mona – a single mom of three children – recently received a new donkey. In rural parts of Haiti, donkeys are the most economical tool to help women get their goods to the market and home again. The ability to haul heavy goods opens us a whole new market for women to sell in neighboring communities – earning more money and growing their business.  

The Overtus Family:

The Overtus family is bouncing back after a family illness left them drinking salt water to fill their bellies. Read their full story HERE.  Thanks to the generosity of our wonderful supporters, the Overtus Family has a new, sustainable business selling charcoal. Why charcoal? The majority of people in Haiti cook outdoors over charcoal fires. It is a daily necessity for life in Haiti and therefore a great way to support a family! They also received goats that will multiply overtime providing even more financial security for tough times that may come. 

Widelande & Daughters:

While a loving mother, Widelande has struggled to provide for her two young daughters. Her oldest daughter, Wiseline, has lived with the complications of malnutrition. Widelande desires to be free from the struggle of poverty and wondering where their next meal will come from. Your gifts have helped Widelande start a new business selling goods in the market that will allow her to have a sustainable source of income in rural Haiti. 

Jean & Christela Duvelsaint:

When Jean Duvelsaint recently married Christela he said,  “I, Jean, take you, Christela, to be my wedded wife. To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer,”  and is hopeful that life will consist in more days of “better” and “richer”.  Unfortunately, providing for a family in rural Haiti can be difficult. Jean works as a mason, but the work is not consistent. Thanks to you, Jean now has a new business that will provide a sustainable income and, Lord willing, more “richer” and “better” days as Jean and Christela start out life as a married couple.  

These stories are only possible because of faithful supporters like you who give to support God’s work in Haiti through World Wide Village. Thank you for making a difference in the world!  

World Wide Village staff member, Roberson Belzince, recently spent several days learning the latest trends in agri-business for Haiti. The training will help him as he oversees the World Wide Village gardens and creates sustainable agriculture in rural Haiti. We are so proud of his hard work and thankful for everyone who supported this initiative through the “Spring Forward” fundraiser.