Once upon a time, there was a family who lived in rural Haiti: a caring mother, a hard-working father, four older sisters and two younger brothers. This family loved the Lord and tried their hardest to get ahead. 

Every day, their father would piece together work to earn a living and feed his family. Life was stable. But life in Haiti can be hard with 2/3 of the workforce not having a sustainable job. 


Then one day, the father of this sweet family became ill. Unable to work, the father had no way to earn money and struggled to make ends meet. The entire family would often go without meals. The mother would boil salt water to help fill her children’s bellies. 

Because of their hardship, the teenage girls were mocked for their clothing and felt so shameful about their appearance.

Finally, they cried out to God for help, and He answered their prayers through selfless supporters like you. The Overtus family is now starting a new charcoal business, has a small goatherd and nearly all of their children are sponsored for school.  Will they live happily ever after?  We hope so!  


Your gifts to World Wide Village this spring will continue to help others like the Overtus family. Your donations will feed hungry school children who are not yet sponsored by helping build a central kitchen. Your gifts will create jobs and build sustainability through agriculture and will encourage teenage girls – like the Overtus girls – to cling to God even through difficult times.

We are extending our spring fundraiser through April 15th because we don’t want you to miss the opportunity to be a blessing!  We are currently at 25% of our goal. We simply can’t do this without you!  Will you help?