Ouslow Normil and Rebecca live in Williamson, Haiti with their four children – Tibasson (age 10), Berlanda (age 6), Bernica (age 4) and their youngest, Tyler Charles (age 2). The oldest three spend their days with dad and their younge brother while their mother works in the market. Up until the last two years, Ouslow worked as a conch fisherman.

Pictured: Berlanda, Tibasson, Tyler & Ouslow

While diving for conch may not seem like a dangerous occupation, in Haiti it can be very risky. Sadly, local Haitian fishermen do not have adequate equipment for diving at the depths required to find the conch. They use “hookah rigs” which are simply air compressors that supply air to divers, allowing the fishermen to stay underwater for hours. Unfortunately, these fishermen often suffer from symptoms of the bends as they stay down for long periods of time and nitrogen builds up in their bodies. In Ouslow’s case, the nitrogen build up affected his legs which has made walking difficult.  It also affected his brain, leaving him unable to work. In Haiti, there is no disability insurance. In Haiti, there is no worker’s compensation. Sometimes life in Haiti is hard.

Pictured: The family’s home

With Ouslow unable to work, Rebecca started selling goods in the market to make ends meet. She works hard to provide for her family, but what she is able to earn has not been enough to cover the cost of school for their children.  Instead, the children spend their days waiting for their friends to arrive home after school. Tibasson, Berlanda & Bernica love playing at the WWV chicken coop after other children from the neighborhood return home from school. In June of 2016, God had planned a divine appointment during one of these playdates that would offer hope to the Caseus family and set them on a new course.

Pictured: Berlanda & Tibasson with neighborhood children at the WWV chicken coop

A short-term mission team from New Hope Church in Nebraska was visiting Mirielle and the WWV chicken coop while the Caseus children were playing in the yard. As the team was enjoying spending time with the children, they discovered that the Caseus children were not attending school. It is the passion of World Wide Village that EVERY child have the opportunity to attend school and receive an education. This was a divine appointment.

Pictured: Bill Redinger & Mikayla Haggard (New Hope team members and now sponsors)

Ouslow and Rebecca were thrilled at the prospect of having their kids attend the World Wide Village school. Thanks to generous sponsors from the New Hope team, these children are now attending school and haven’t missed a day. There are so many doors that will open to these children as they learn and grow. Not only are they learning to read and write, but they are also receiving a hot lunch each day and hearing about God on a daily basis. What a blessing to these children. Just look at those smiles!!


Thanks to generous donations from supporters like you, this family also received goats last week from World Wide Village. These goats will provide financial security to this family as they grow and reproduce.  The Caseus family is so thankful for your generosity and we are thankful that God often steps in at the right moment. What a marvelous divine appointment.