Medical Center

Progress on the medical center is moving right along!  Our WWV construction crew – led by Roberson Belizince – has finished their portion of the medical center walls leading up to the roof.  On August 8th another Haitian construction team took over the delicate work of pouring the hurricane-safe concrete roof.  Once the structure is complete, our next steps will be installing the electrical system, adding in the plumbing and stocking the clinic with all the necessary medical supplies. Take a minute to celebrate today all that you’ve made possible so far!  (And consider coming down to see it yourself!)

The last (and most important) step will be hiring staff.  Please join us in praying for Haitian medical staff with a heart for the Lord to come and work alongside World Wide Village in Williamson.  


Armee du Salut – Luly

Pictured: Smiling faces from Armee du Salut – Luly

We are so grateful for each of you who have sponsored a child from the Armee du Salut school in Luly. Seventeen new students have already been sponsored over the last month to bless the children, families and teachers who are part of this school.  WE HAVE THE BEST SUPPORTERS!! Our goal is to have twenty new sponsors by October 1st, which will allow World Wide Village to pay the salaries of the dedicated teachers at this school. An additional twenty sponsors will allow us to feed the 185 children a daily, hot lunch.  Read more about this newly supported school:


“Who cares about the poor? God cares.”

These words were at the center of a message from Randy Mortensen – the President of World Wide Village – at Renovation Church in Blaine, MN earlier this month.  Randy’s message entitled “Poverty is Poverty” focused on the core causes of poverty and God’s heart for the poor.       

“We know that we serve a God who has deep, deep, deep compassion for people living in poverty. I pray that God would guide you as you love your neighbor as yourself, both near and far.”

A special thanks to Renovation Church for their commitment to serving in Haiti alongside World Wide Village over the last eight years.  (PS – Randy is available to speak to your church or organization about poverty.  Contact him at:


Extreme Makeover – Guesthouse Edition

We are getting close to our goal to complete the Extreme Guesthouse Makeover.  There is still time to join the Brigade!  For $260 you can provide a complete set of furnishings to equip our teams to serve IN the community where we are working!  Any amount is welcome to help us with the expense.

$ 100 – Provides a new mattress

$   50 – Provides sheets, pillow and mattress/pillow covers for one bed

$   35 – Purchases one fan

$   20 – Provides dishes, flatware, and a drinking glass for one person

$   260  – Funds a complete set, including mattress, linens, fan, dishes AND window screens


​​​​Don’t forget!  For each complete set you donate by September 1st,

you will receive $125 off your next trip to Haiti!