Guismy Jean is the best big brother any girl could ask for. At age 22 he has taken on the role of caregiver, provider and friend for his two younger sisters – Franslene & Jilanda. 

Guismy and his sisters moved to Williamson, Haiti so they could attend school while their parents continue to farm in the mountains. But life has been very difficult this year with slow-producing crops, political unrest and COVID-19.

Overwhelmed by all of these struggles, Guismy had to make the impossible decision to drop out of high school and start working to help his parents provide for his sisters.


Yet God has perfect timing…


Guismy understands that goats are a great way to earn a sustainable income in rural Haiti. He is also a resourceful young man and used some of the money he earned laying brick to build a small goat pen in the hopes of someday raising goats.


Thanks to you, that someday is now!

Because of your generosity, Guismy and his family were recently blessed with the gift of goats!


The news that their family was receiving goats was definitely a reminder that God sees them and hears their prayers, even when life is difficult.


Thank you for being an answer to prayer!