While many of us have finished up the school year and are enjoying the start of summer, students in the World Wide Village schools are still working hard on year-end testing this week. Unlike the United States, students are required to pass national exams at different points in their schooling before continuing into higher grades. Students must pass national exams in 6th grade, 9th grade and 12th grade.  More information on education in Haiti coming next month!  

Several students have specifically asked for prayer as they prepare for their exams this year. Please pray for these students! Pray for clear minds so they are able to do their best and have the opportunity to continue learning and growing! 



Thanks to you, the agricultural programs are going great with many new crops beginning to sprout and new goats being born. These new crops are providing jobs, boosting food production and building sustainability in rural Williamson.  The WWV Haitian staff is doing a great job leading the way in crop production and growing the goat herd that will continue to bless families in need.  Currently, the focus is on growing several varieties of peppers, strawberries, watermelon and moringa.  



*Photos from Beth Hektoen Photography


Medical Care:

Thanks to your generosity on #GivingTuesday, World Wide Village is continuing to work with “Haiti sans Cervical Cancer” to begin the process of screening and treating cervical cancer in women in Williamson and Luly.  Unfortunately the first shipment of HPV tests that were shipped to Haiti were compromised due to temperature control issues, but there should be another shipment coming soon! 

Once the tests arrive, the WWV nurses will begin the screening process.  Our medical team and the WWV nurses had the opportunity last month to visit the clinic headquarters in Port-au-Prince, where the program originated, to start the learning process.  

Pictured: Blood pressure screening in Williamson

The blood pressure program continues to grow as the WWV nurses and Impact Teams continue to offer free blood pressure screenings in local churches.  The WWV nurses are planning to work with the medical interns this summer to offer community outreach to teach on the dangers of high blood pressure and risk factors for hypertension, including high-salt diets.