Chrissy Petersen from Ramsey, MN

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How did you first become involved with WWV?  In 2012 our church sent the first mission team to Haiti. At this time I was on some shaky spiritual ground and was not ready to take the leap to Haiti. Upon the teams return I was in contact with Greg Ackerson and wanted information on the next trip to Haiti…I expressed some concerns and fears. His response was, ‘If you are still worried about it, don’t be. One thing that we have learned through this experience is that He knows more, and if it is His will, it will happen.’

My first journey to Haiti was in May of 2013 and have now been on the ground 5 times for a total of 6 weeks! God opened the door and provided me with the gentle nudges that I was in need of…I have never looked back!

When did you know that you were passionate about Haiti? While in Haiti for the first time I was overwhelmed with a sense of belonging, feelings of comfort, love, and the ability to simply be myself. Yet there was still something missing…we were so focused on completing our projects that the ability to connect with our brothers and sisters in Haiti was pushed to the back burner. During my second journey to Haiti I was once again filled with feelings of belonging, comfort, love and so much more. My need to fully rely upon God’s strength, courage, and guidance proved to be life changing.

My relationship with God grew leaps and bounds. It was on this trip that I was more intentional about spending time with the children and adults with whom we came in contact with. Yes, we had gifts and snacks to hand out to the children. Yes, we had clothes and donations for the adults. But what broke my heart was the simple fact that all the children really wanted was to hold someones hand and to be loved. No words were needed to be exchanged…love and attention was all they sought…it is what God called us to provide in that very moment. My heart was broken and put back together in a way that is beyond what can be explained with words. It was on this second journey that pieces of my heart remained in Haiti and I know that for as long as God holds the door open, I shall continue to return to Haiti.

Which Ambassador activities are you most excited about? I am excited to participate in all of the activities. I am excited for the student sponsorships months…the children in Haiti hold a special place in my heart. I am also looking forward to the months of prayer. Prayer is not an area of strength for me, I am looking forward to the challenge of growing in this spiritual discipline while lifting up those whom are dear to my heart.

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