This is Rosette, a mom to four beautiful children in Williamson, Haiti. Recently, Rosette was the recipient of a small business grant from World Wide Village. With that money, Rosette began purchasing and reselling rice, beans, oil, charcoal, and various spices. She sets up her shop right outside of her home and sells her goods to the community of Williamson. 

Rosette resells her goods for a profit, which she uses to buy more products, provide for her children, and improve her house. “The problem is that when I sell things but do not have a house, people look down on me and do not want to buy my products,” said Rosette. “So, I use some of my profit to buy concrete blocks and bars to build my house.” 

In addition to her newfound success in the business world, Rosette is a devoted mother. “As a mom, my role is to provide for my family. I work hard to make money for them, but more than that, I am always there to support and encourage them,” said Rosette. “I want to give my kids a better life than I had by giving them the opportunity to attend school. I never had the chance to learn how to read or write, so every day I remind my kids that they need an education in order to make a good living. The most important thing is that they go to school and learn how to be a benefit to our society.”

Rosette’s success is another example of how World Wide Village is attempting to fight the cycle of poverty in Haiti. Each day, we praise God for allowing us to come alongside the Haitian people in this way, and stories like Rosette’s are ones that we are especially thankful for!

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