Whether you’re coloring pictures with your toddler to send to your sponsored student, bringing your teen on an Impact Trip to Haiti, or praying together as a family for missionaries around the world, including your children in missions is so important!

Here are six reasons to include your children in missions taken from “Faith Passed Down.”


Reason #1: “Children and teenagers are a valuable part of the body of Christ, and missions is a vital activity of the body of Christ. Every time we participate in global missions, the goal is that Christ is made known among the nations. By involving our children and teenagers, we are including them in this valuable ministry. They have skills we may not have, like the ability to play freely with children from another culture.”


Reason #2: “Involving young people in global missions develops their talents for future service. Young people have talents worth using for God’s kingdom, and it’s worth helping them grow in these areas! This may mean encouraging an interest in a foreign language, allowing them to observe medical missions work, or creating works of art to send to a sponsored child.” 


Reason #3: “Participation in missions nurtures a global worldview that naturally considers and appreciates other cultures.” Including your children in missions helps them see God’s heart for the nations more clearly. Encouraging them to participate will increase their love for others – especially those who are different from them.


Reason #4: “Participating in global missions together provides a stronger bond between you and your child.” Praying together, talking about how God is working throughout the world and actually traveling across the ocean to serve God together can really create a special bond. Your children realize that you’re on the same team!


Reason #5: “Including your child in global missions gives you more time and ability to serve. By involving your children, you can accomplish two things at once: quality time with your child and participation in global missions. Your child may even help you work faster by assisting you with some of the work!” 


Reason #6: “Through participation in global missions together, children learn valuable concepts. They discover they truly can make a difference in the world. They learn gratitude for the many blessings they’ve received. They find strength in doing something new and facing a potentially uncomfortable new environment. They learn about God’s heart for the nations and His love for all people.”


Visit www.worldwidevillage.org/teams to learn more about short-term Impact Teams for you and your children. If your children are under age 10, consider sponsoring a child the same age as your child. Include your children in writing letters, drawing pictures and praying for your sponsored student. www.worldwidevillage.org/student-sponsorships.