God uses His people in unique ways to accomplish His unique purposes. When God’s people use their time, talents and treasure to be a blessing, wonderful things happen!


Kirsten Herkert is a nurse, wife, mother and follower of Christ. As a NICU nurse she has served in Haiti on several medical mission trips.


After traveling to Haiti with World Wide Village she felt called to continue using her time, talents and treasures to serve the people of Haiti from home!

Most recently, Kirsten started an Etsy shop to put her artistic hobbies to good use. Kirsten is now donating a portion of the proceeds from her Etsy shop to the Healthy Mothers + Healthy Babies program in Haiti!


Kirsten creates everything from macrame and jewelry to watercolor and digital art. She even has some Haiti-inspired artwork!  You have the opportunity today to support World Wide Village just by shopping on Etsy!




Kirsten, why do you want to give to World Wide Village maternal health?


“I’ve worked as a NICU nurse for nearly 6 years and have seen firsthand how miraculous a healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy and birth is. Often, we take it for granted. It’s remarkable how many pregnancies are high risk now, and that risk is far increased in a country such as Haiti.


I’m constantly fascinated by the intricate development of a human being, and how the entire conception and formation of a human life happens in less than a year. Having had my own pregnancy, I remember the consistent uprisings of uncertainties and anxieties, and all the lifestyle changes pregnancy entails. Those prenatal months are essential to forming a healthy baby, but it doesn’t end there.”


“Having an uncomplicated delivery takes a lot of training and expertise, in addition to the provision of exceptional prenatal care. Supporting mothers through this program provides such a unique way to encourage mothers while also pouring into their souls through the extensive care required of prenatal, perinatal, and postnatal care. It’s a unique opportunity to treat two patients simultaneously while in such vulnerable states.” – Kirsten Herkert


What are your most memorable moments from your trips to Haiti?


“My most memorable moment has to be our visit during Hurricane Matthew when we all hunkered down in PAP. That time was used to clean out the guest house and more importantly, grow together as a group. And those moments led to my now-husband accepting Christ!


Following that memorable moment is returning the next year to be baptized in the ocean with my husband. I love to remember the laughter we share with each other and the locals, singing praises on the top of the house in Luly, and getting to minister and care for people who truly are in need. My heart aches to go back!” – Kirsten Herkert

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