By now, you’ve probably seen the coverage of Haiti’s crisis in the news – increasing gang rule, over a million people on the brink of famine, continued kidnapping and violence filling the streets of Port-au-Prince and beyond.


The current reports from our staff say things are going from bad to worse. Systems are falling apart – political systems, police and prisons, hospitals, internet and phone systems, and even financial institutions and banks. Gangs continue to control ports, highways, and destroy systems that are necessary for life.


For now, our area of Haiti has been calm but life is a daily struggle. Work is nearly impossible to find, food and fuel are wildly expensive, and it’s dangerous to travel very far outside of your own community. For now, our sponsored students and World Wide Village staff are okay. They courageously continue to show up to school and work, doing the best they can.


We know that each passing day of survival for our Haitian staff and students is an answer to your prayers of protection. We also know that as violence increases, so does the number of people who need aid. Because of God’s generous grace, we believe that together we can be agents of His hope in Haiti.


Do you feel called to do more to help? Consider joining The Cornerstone Club – a faithful group of World Wide Village supporters who donate monthly to provide staff salaries, emergency assistance to families in need, and so much more.


Monthly giving to The Cornerstone Club helped families like these over the last month:


Liliane and her grandchildren received rent assistance after being forced to flee their home in Williamson several months ago.


This new home will allow Liliane’s grandchildren to have a safe place to sleep that is close to school. 


The entire family is grateful for stability!

Jean Beny recently fled gang violence in Port-au-Prince with his family.


He received rent assistance and a micro-grant to set up a new small business.


Now he is making and selling delicious fried paté as his family gets back on their feet.

Marckenley is a junior in high school.


His family has struggled since his father passed away several years ago.


He also received a micro-grant to start a small business selling coquilles – donuts!

Students in rural Haiti continue in school despite the turmoil in the country.


We are so very grateful for our amazing student sponsors who give each month to provide not only education, but also school lunches, access to medical care, and help in emergencies. 


Sponsorship truly provides help for today, hope for tomorrow, and faith for eternity! 

What else is happening in Haiti?


Too many teenagers in Haiti have been enticed into gang life. Thanks to you, sponsorship is keeping teens in school and Youth Bible Clubs are pointing them to Jesus Christ. 

Five new classrooms in Luly are finished! Visit our blog to see a short video of the celebration at the Luly School when the classrooms were complete. Thank you for giving!

What events led to this major crisis in Haiti? How did the country reach this critical point in time? Visit our blog to read a brief timeline of events tracking the devastating situation.