What events led to this major crisis in Haiti? How did the country reach this critical point in time? Read a brief timeline of events over the last several years tracking the devastating situation in Haiti.




  • In July, President Jovenel Moise is assassinated in his home.


  • Newly appointed Prime Minister Ariel Henry becomes the de facto leader of Haiti.


  • The assassination triggers a spiral of gang violence, centered in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti. 




  • Haitian government announces the end to a fuel subsidy program, dramatically increasing the cost of fuel in Haiti.


  • A coalition of gangs block a major fuel terminal in Port-au-Prince for more than a month to protest the plan to cut fuel subsidies, causing a humanitarian crisis.


  • Haiti’s government formally requests a multinational force be deployed to help its police restore control of the capital at UN meeting.




  • In January, the last 10 democratically elected officials (senators) depart after their terms end, leaving Haiti void of any elected officials.


  • Gang violence and kidnappings continue to grow in Port-au-Prince.


  • New cholera outbreak affects many areas of Haiti.


  • Prime Minister again calls on UN for urgent deployment of multinational force to quash gang violence.


  • In August, mountain gangs come into our area of rural Haiti causing the entire community of Williamson to flee.


  • In October, UN Security Council approves deploying 1,000 police officers from Kenya to Haiti. 




  • Prime Minister Henry flies to Kenya in February to sign an agreement for a Kenyan peacekeeping mission in Haiti.


  • While Henry is out of the country, gangs collaborate to take control of airports and call for Henry’s resignation. Gangs orchestrate a mass prison break, releasing nearly 4,000 prisoners. Gang control in PAP increases to 80%; chaos and violence ensue as people flee.


  • Haiti institutes a state of emergency and curfew.


  • On March 12, Henry agrees to resign when a transitional council is in place and Kenya pauses peacekeeping mission to Haiti.


  • CARICOM works to put together a transitional presidential council tasked with selecting an interim prime minister for Haiti.


  • UN releases a report stating that 1.4M people are “a step away from famine” after gangs block a major port.


  • In April, gangs continue to cause major disruptions by closing shipping ports, airports, banks, hospitals, highways, and more.



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