Sant Sante Espwa saw a record number of patients last month. Our nurse and midwife continue to provide comprehensive care for moms and babies, monitor blood pressure patients, provide vitamins for young children and offer wound care for those who have been injured.


They also provided an extensive health seminar for teenage students in the sponsorship program. The day included teaching on reproduction, healthy living, and even training on how to make and sell liquid detergent. It was a very successful day. 




After gangs entered Williamson last fall, the area around the World Wide Village Sewing Center was abandoned due to the violence. It was heartbreaking to watch schools close, businesses shut down and life completely interrupted. 


Today we are celebrating that sewing school classes have started once again in a new location! Seven young women are the first to jump back into classes to learn a new vocation. Thank you for making this possible! 



Primary school students recently finished their school year and are enjoying summer break. Students in 9th grade and Philo (senior year) continue to attend classes as they prepare for their upcoming national exams. 9th grade students will take exams July 22-24 on computers for the first time. Seniors will be tested on August 4. Please pray for our sponsored students as they prepare for exams amidst very difficult circumstances. 





The gardens at City on a Hill are again producing crops!  Watermelon, corn and beans are currently in season and being tended in the gardens. These gardens will provide healthy food options for students in our schools.