Even with so many obstacles in 2020, students are continuing to learn thanks to you!  With political protesting last fall, COVID-19 hitting in the spring and a struggling economy, life has been difficult. Yet through these struggles, you have helped the people of Haiti persevere. Right on the heels of Tropical Storm Eta, Monday officially kicked off the 2020-2021 school year in Haiti.

The chalkboard in one of the classrooms read, “Dieu est grand” or “God is great.” We agree!  A special thanks to all of our wonderful sponsors who have continued to give generously to support the students, their families and teachers in the WWV schools. Enjoy these photos as students started trickling into their classrooms!

What can you learn about school in Haiti from these photos?

  • All students in Haiti wear school uniforms. The color and design of the uniform depends upon the school and the grade level. While students are required to have uniforms, many parents often struggle to afford them. Many students start the year with no uniform until their families can afford to purchase them.


  • Unlike schools in the United States, the age ranges of students in the same grade can vary greatly. Because of poverty, many students are not able to start school on time, or must take off years of schooling because their parents cannot afford tuition. The goal of sponsorship is to allow students to attend school each year without the burden of tuition.


  • The schools in Williamson and Luly have open-air windows. The open windows might let in a little more dust from the outside, but it keeps the air flowing in the classrooms to keep the temperatures down during the scorching hot months in Haiti!




The new well in Luly continues to provide water to so many in need. In the first eight weeks alone, over 28,680 gallons of water were collected by the people of Luly. That is 5,700+ 5-gallon buckets of water and over 100 buckets per day!

The well was recently painted with the words from John 7:37 “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink.” We hope this well is a reminder to the people of Luly that Jesus invites them to not only drink from the well He has provided through World Wide Village, but that He is also offering His salvation flowing freely to all!

In case you missed it, read the story of how water is changing everything for a young woman named Ilyanise!



Captain Pierre Venex and his wife Morena are the new directors at Armee du Salut in Luly, Haiti. Pierre and Morena both grew up in Haiti and most recently served in Montrouis before moving back to lead the charge in Luly.

Having grown up in Haiti, Pierre and Morena understand the challenges of life in Haiti and have a heart for the Lord and for the students in their schools. They have two children of their own and are very excited for the new opportunity to direct Armee du Salut. Welcome to the team!