Last April, a group of individuals from central MN came together to experience Haiti. Each day while this team was on the ground they dedicated time to serve the students in Williamson.

As the team was serving at the school, they were struck by the small well in the ground on the side of the schoolyard. The well, which was dug 100 feet deep by hand, was dry. At some points during the year there can be water in the well, but much of the time there is not.

During this specific trip, the well was dry and the team watched as the children sat in their classrooms with little or no hydration during school in the midst of temperatures that are in excess of ninety degrees. The team definitely felt the burden of this situation. Thankfully, they didn’t turn and look the other way. Instead, the team decided to be change-makers.  

Praise God that less than a year later the team has been able to raise enough funds to dig a new well to provide water to  the schoolyard – as well as to the surrounding community!  Very soon drilling will commence and a new well will provide a steady supply of water to the children in the WWV school in Williamson. The well will include a pump, a generator and a basic filtration system that will also serve 300-400 additional Haitian families who live in proximity to the school. What a blessing this will be to the students in the WWV school and families that live nearby!!!  

Pictured: Well 4 Williamson Team!    

It is such an honor to partner with churches and individuals who have a heart for selflessly serving the people of Haiti – churches and individuals who take a step to make a change when their hearts are burdened by what they experience.

We can’t say thank you enough to each team member for “digging deep” to provide this much-needed well. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Happy World Water Day from WWV!