We are excited to announce that twelve individuals are joining Randy & Pat Mortensen on the World Wide Village Board of Directors.  Randy serves as the organizational president while Pat serves as the administrative director.  Randy & Pat currently live in central Florida – just a short flight to Haiti!  Together they form an amazing team that has implemented the vision for World Wide Village for the last ten years.  Randy and Pat want to let the light of Christ shine through this organization while encouraging the development of self-sustaining communities that is the key to Haiti’s future. In short, Randy and Pat are the backbone of WWV.      

Chad & Jen Streit are from Swisher, Iowa.  Jen has had a heart for Haiti since the time her two younger siblings were adopted from there over 30 years ago.  The Streit’s involvement with World Wide Village started soon after the earthquake.  Chad & Jen are now an integral part of ongoing trips  from Grace Community Church in Iowa and are on the planning team for the annual Run Luly 5K, which raises funds for the City on a Hill project.  Chad & Jen serve on the education committee and communications team.  

Cheryl Schow is from Paxton, Nebraska.  Cheryl traveled to Haiti with her family in 2012 as part of a short-term mission team with World Wide Village and has been a supporter of the Student Sponsorship Program ever since.  Cheryl joined the Board of Directors because she strongly believes in the positive impact that World Wide Village is having in Haiti and wants to help lead the future vision for the organization.  Cheryl is part of the medical committee.   

Greg & Lori Ackerson are from Oak Grove, Minnesota and first traveled to Haiti in 2012.  They have led a number of trips to Haiti and were heavily involved with the success of digging the new well in June 2015.  Greg is on the agriculture committee and Lori (as an RN) is part of the medical committee.  They are an important part of the construction planning for City on a Hill and have also helped organize a 5K in Minnesota to raise funds for that project.      

Bill Brass is a long time supporter of World Wide Village and has been helping the Haitians since 2008.  Bill has personally helped “equip and support families” in Haiti and has also been instrumental in assisting the Haitian staff in managing the goat herd.  Bill has been the leader in the formative work for the construction of City on a Hill and is part of the construction committee. Bill is from Lake Elmo, MN.  

Jackie Glockner is from Cedar, Minnesota.  Jackie has traveled to Haiti twice with her church and is using her gifts and giving of her time to benefit World Wide Village and the people of Haiti.  Her first trip to Haiti was very eye-opening and was the catalyst for getting more deeply involved in the organization.  Jackie is part of the communications team.  

Mike Wagner is from White Bear Lake, MN and has made four trips to Haiti on construction teams over the last several years.  Mike sees a great need in Haiti for self-sufficiency and hopes that the City on a Hill project can help fill this void in the Williamson and Luly area.  Mike has helped for many years with the Festival for Haiti in the Twin Cities and is a part of the construction committee.     

Barbara Mahr has been involved with World Wide Village since 2008 and has a heart for Haiti. Her prayer is that God will bless the collaboration with the leaders in Haiti and the support of World Wide Village to realize the vision of City on a Hill. Barbara is an avid supporter of the Student Sponsorship Program and looks forward to visiting her student Mirlanda. She is part of the communications team and education committee and lives in Lexington, Minnesota.   

Steve Shambora has played an important role in leading construction teams on the five trips he has taken to Haiti since 2011, even though his day job revolves around finances.  He says, “I left my heart there [in Haiti] in 2011. Haven’t found it yet.”  Before working with WWV, Steve traveled to Haiti with Samaritan’s Purse.  He is part of the construction committee and is from St. Charles, Illinois.     

Matt & Kim Anderson are from Madison, Wisconsin. Matt and Kim were introduced to World Wide Village in 2012 and Matt has been our medical director since 2013.  Matt is an internal medicine physician and travels to Haiti twice a year to run a medical clinic offering physical care and soul care to the Haitians.  Kim helps provide soul care on these trips, leads the women’s conference in Williamson, and is part of the communications team.

IMG_6141        commit-2

(Back): Steve Shambora, Chad Streit, Sol Wagner, Pat Mortensen, Randy Mortensen (Middle): Jen Streit, Mike Wagner, Lori Ackerson, Greg Ackerson  (Front): Barbara Mahr, Jackie Glockner