Knowing that Haiti has gone through periods of turmoil in the past, your generosity has helped World Wide Village prepare for the storm. Thanks to you, WWV programs continue to serve those who are hurting, even in the midst of unprecedented struggles.


Here are just a few ways your generosity has helped prepare for the storm:


Local staff:


When you helped kick off the Healthy Mothers + Healthy Babies program in Williamson, Haiti we knew we needed local staff. Roadblocks during protests in Haiti are a common occurrence. Hiring staff for Sant Sante Espwa who live and work in Williamson was vital.


Your continued generosity is providing salaries for a midwife and nurse (Magdala & Gessica) who live and work in Williamson. During these most difficult times when roads are blocked and there is no fuel for travel, Magdala & Gessica have been walking to work to continue seeing patients.


They are committed to providing care to mothers + babies, adults with high blood pressure and those in need of wound care. They are also making sure young children receive the vitamins they need to stay healthy.

Solar Power:


In the fall of 2019 Haiti went through a severe fuel shortage, similar to today. During this time World Wide Village could not access fuel to run the generators. No fuel meant no generator power which was needed to power the well pumps.


Thanks to your generosity on GivingTuesday in 2019, enough funds were raised to add solar power to the World Wide Village wells.

Today, water continues to flow freely during this very difficult time because you helped prepare for the storm!  Thank you!


Goats & Grants:


Over the last ten years, you have helped provide goats and small-business grants to families in need in rural Haiti. These programs have helped even the poorest families prepare for the storm.


Because goats are a like a four-legged savings account, those families who have received goats (and who have grown their herd) are more prepared for the struggles that Haiti is facing today. 

Right now, food prices are soaring, and most families’ regular income is not covering the cost of food. Those who have received goats can sell a goat when their finances are tight to feed their families.


In addition to goats, small business grants are helping families who would otherwise have no work. One single mother who recently received a grant for a small business is so very thankful. Without your help, her family would be struggling to survive. Read Jesula’s story here.


Healthy Children:


You are helping children in Haiti prepare for the storm by providing the vitamins they need to stay healthy. For many children living in rural areas of Haiti, intestinal worms can be a major problem.


Children can be exposed to intestinal worms through contaminated water or soil. Worms can take away much-needed daily nutrition from these children. For those who are struggling with malnutrition, worms can be extremely dangerous.

Thanks to you, young children in Williamson and Luly have access to Albendazole, a de-worming medication that can protect children from intestinal worms. Learn more about the vitamin program here!


Continued Prayer:


Haiti continues to make international headlines. School is on hold, many hospitals have shut down and hunger is worsening. The Haitian government recently asked for “international military assistance as the country deals with rampant gang violence, a deadly cholera outbreak and anti-government protests that have paralyzed the country since late August.”


The United Nations Secretary-General responded and has “urged the international community to consider deploying forces to Haiti to address growing humanitarian and security crises in the country.” No formal decisions have yet been made.


It is heartbreaking to receive messages from our staff, teachers and families asking, “Please help us.  Please pray for us.”  Your continued prayers are vital for the people of Haiti, the leaders of Haiti, and the international community. Pray also for WWV staff members, the students in our schools and their families.


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