Luly is a small fishing village along the western coast of Haiti. As you can imagine, fishing is a major trade here and many earn their living as fishermen.


Jesula Louis-Jean is a mother of two young children. Jesula and her aging father have worked together for many years – her father working as a fisherman and Jesula selling the fish in the local market. While they have never had extra, the work has provided for most of their needs.


Recently, Jesula’s father became ill and he had been unable to go out onto the water to fish. It’s not hard to see how this could cause major hardship for a family that depends on fishing to survive. Thankfully, that’s not the end of the story!


One of our amazing WWV supporters gave Jesula a small business grant to begin a partnership with a new fisherman, purchasing fish and continuing her business of selling in the market.


With the income she makes from those sales, she will have enough to restock her business with fish and provide for her parents and two children until her father is able to fish again.


Your ongoing support of World Wide Village continually blesses families in Haiti.


Your generosity lifts up those who are struggling and shows them the love of Christ in such tangible ways.


In Luke 5, Jesus told Simon to drop his fishing nets on the other side of the boat. The overflowing nets showed the disciples a clear picture of who Jesus really was.


In the same way, your generosity toward the people of Haiti is giving them a clear picture of who Jesus still is today. Thank you for helping families prepare for the storms of life.