Field Update August 2017

Medical Center Progress on the medical center is moving right along!  Our WWV construction crew – led by Roberson Belizince – has finished their portion of the medical center walls leading up to the roof.  On August 8th another Haitian construction team took over the delicate work of pouring the hurricane-safe concrete roof.  Once the

Project Patricia

Project Patricia is one of our partner ministries at WWV. This unique ministry sews cloth, reusable maxi pads and sends them with missionaries to be distributed to women and girls around the world. Their mission is to bring glory to God through service to women in third world countries by meeting a physical need as


Weddings are such joyous occasions. No matter where you are in the world, weddings are a sign of love and commitment. In the lives of Jeudi Jacquelin and Marie-Ange Guerine, the decision to marry carried a much deeper meaning. Pictured: Jeudi Jacquelin and Marie-Ange Guerine In villages like Luly in Haiti, weddings are not the norm.

Sephora’s Story

Nine-year old Sephora and her parents – Gerald & Evelyn – live in Luly, Haiti.  Gerald, is a fisherman. For years he’s worked long hours hauling in nets full of fish to provide for his family. Evelyn works in the market selling dried fish.   Over the last year, Gerald has struggled with several health issues. He developed a hernia

Joy & Heartbreak

Each time a new child is sponsored in one of our World Wide Village schools we have a celebration. These moments inspire a little dance, high five and a “woohoo!” as they bring us such JOY! We know that this child who was sponsored will now have a chance of breaking the cycle of illiteracy

Field Update July 2017

Armee du Salut – Luly Hopefully you didn’t miss the exciting news that World Wide Village has started a new partnership with a wonderful school in Luly — Armee du Salut.  Read more about the new school and how you can help keep its doors open HERE!     The Kuntz Family The Kuntz Family has arrived

Mési Prosper America!

Prosper America was founded in 2014 to educate and empower individuals. Their primary focus is in the United States where they provide financial education solutions to individuals, businesses, schools, and organizations. Prosper America also reaches out internationally and supports organizations that are providing sustainable education and empowerment solutions. This is why Prosper America and World Wide

Small Business Start-Up

Pictured: Sonia Blanchard sitting in her new beauty salon We are so proud of  Sonia and Carline – two World Wide Village translators – who dreamed of opening a beauty salon in Saintard, Haiti (just down the road from Williamson). Sonia and Carline have both loved dabbling with beauty products and hair care for years,