Helping One

Six months ago, Sadrac Desius became ill with Typhoid Fever. He suffered from high fevers, stomach pain, diarrhea, weakness and loss of appetite.   Typhoid fever can be a serious illness and he spent many days traveling to the doctor as they worked to reach a...

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What’s Happening in Haiti? [July 2022]

"Keep fighting the good fight. Keep letting your light shine. 'Cause I'm never gonna leave you, always gonna see you through to the other side. Keep fighting the good fight."   These lyrics of a popular Christian song are inspiring and a good reminder that God is...

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Summer Fun

Have you ever wondered what your sponsored student is busy doing over summer break?  We recently interviewed our sponsored students to learn about their favorite games, favorite treats and how they help out around the house. Here's what they said!   FAVORITE GAMES:...

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Bensky Jacquet

  At age 14, Bensky Jacquet’s life turned upside down. His father unexpectedly passed away leaving him to help his mother care for his four younger siblings. “My mother tries her very best to give us what we need. She used to sell food products, but the business...

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Sheets and Charcoal

Q: What do sheets and charcoal have in common?  Are you stumped?   A: Sheets and charcoal are items that families in Haiti purchase on a regular basis!  SHEETS:  Women in Haiti often make do with what they have and have learned to use sheets for many...

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What’s Happening in Haiti? [June 2022]

Papa, Pa, Papi. In honor of Father’s Day, we are celebrating fathers in Haiti today. Your support of World Wide Village is blessing many fathers in Williamson & Luly, each and every day!   When you give to the goat program, you are providing fathers with a...

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Father and Teacher

“Now as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15   Fathers play no small role in the lives of their children and who they grow up to be. Jean LeClerc Philistin has answered God’s call to raise his children to follow the Lord. Along with...

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Meet Phito!

  Everyone, meet Phito! He has been working with World Wide Village for eight years and is known in Haiti as the “Goat Whisperer.” Phito oversees all of the City on a Hill projects – including the community well and goat program.   “I’m very grateful that...

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