For I Was Hungry

Two years ago, when COVID-19 made its way through Haiti, Marie Duperier became very sick. She had a cough, fever and body aches. Being a single mother in Haiti, an illness like this can be devastating.   Marie especially worried for her family because the little...

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Truth About Life in Haiti

The recent newspaper headlines about Haiti read like this:  "Chaos, gang violence again erupt in Haiti.""Haiti stuck in a vicious circle.""U.S. Christian ministry's plane destroyed by rioters in Haiti.""Doctors without Borders forced to suspend Haiti medical care...

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Above and Beyond: A Giving Heart

Middle school isn’t just TikTok and eye-rolls, Snapchat and crazy hair. Emersyn – a sixth grade student from Iowa - already has a heart for giving!   When Emersyn’s family sponsored Djennie Jean-Louis, she learned the struggles that children in Haiti face on a...

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Sewing and Pépé

Part of the joy of serving abroad is learning about the culture of those you are helping. Because of your generosity, 23 students are learning to sew at the WWV sewing center this year! This vocational training program can significantly change lives… but how?   ...

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What’s Happening in Haiti? [April 2022]

The maternal health program at Sant Sante Espwa has kicked into full gear since January. These programs are only possible thanks to your support of World Wide Village. Mési anpil, anpil, anpil!  Health education has begun at several of the WWV partner schools. The...

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Excellence in Sewing

The Delva Family is well-known in Williamson for their excellence in sewing. At a young age, Djeny learned how to sew from his grandparents. By age 15 he had discovered that he really loved sewing and was very good at it!  Djeny decided that sewing was his future and...

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Remembering Granmé

I first met Granmé in Haiti three years ago when she came into a World Wide Village mobile clinic. Granmé (the Creole word for Grandma) was blind in both eyes yet had a joyful spirit and loved her family deeply – especially her eight grandchildren. She had been in...

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What’s Happening in Haiti? [March 2022]

Ismaelle Louissaint, Nerlie Exantus, Neyma Pierre, Wodensky Ylisse and Djeny Delva. Besides being hard to pronounce, these names have one thing in common. They are each being blessed by your generosity!   This month we want to share stories of two extended...

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Above and Beyond: Behind the Lens

"A picture is worth a thousand words"   This phrase tells us that a single image can convey what would take a thousand words to describe. It’s true, and Kellie Fontaine has been able to capture those images in Haiti in amazing ways!   The photos that we...

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Above and Beyond: School Shoes

Ashley Jones is a nurse at a local hospital in Ames, Iowa. Besides caring for her own patients, Ashley wanted to go above and beyond for children in Haiti. Ashley saw a need in Haiti and decided to rally her co-workers to help meet that need!   Too many students...

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