Goats for Families in Haiti

Ketia Deceus and her husband work hard selling used clothing in the market to earn a living. Their small business allows them to scrape by just enough to cover the basic needs for their three young children. Yet even the simple act of feeding their young family has...

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Help Us Stay Strong

  "Hi, I'm Reggie. I've worked with World Wide Village for four years now. I really love and enjoy my job working with the student sponsorship program and also translating for teams. If you've been to Haiti recently we most likely met and shared a great week...

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Immeasurably More

Marie Clodette D’Haiti is no stranger to tragedy. Just two years ago her family lost everything in a devastating house fire. After the fire, Clodette’s first concern was a home for her family of six children. Using the little they had, she and her husband built a...

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A Note from Haiti

A note from Peter Seraphin - WWV Operations Manager in Haiti   "Hi. I'm Peter Serpahin. I've been one of the managers of World Wide Village for 10 years...from April of 2010, which was right after the earthquake. In my job with World Wide Village I see firsthand...

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Degajé Challenge Winners!

DRUMROLL PLEASE... The winners of the 2020 Degajé Challenge are...ELOISE - AGE 4! Eloise created an abacus toy used for counting, made from pipe cleaners, straws and cheerios. The kids in Haiti loved that her creation was a fun toy, used for education and delicious!...

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COVID-19 & The Cornerstone Club

WWV President Randy Mortensen     Many have asked lately, "How are things in Haiti?” As we watch the news and we see the number of people affected by COVID-19 here in the United States, we’re fearful about what this virus might bring for our brothers and...

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Teachers Say Thanks

While schools are closed all throughout Haiti, and many teachers are going without pay, the World Wide Village teachers can still count on a steady paycheck. The teachers at the World Wide Village schools want to express their thanks for your support. Two of our...

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Haiti Sewing Center Gives Back

  Junior chose to do good... ...when he started a small after-school sewing group. As a teacher, he felt these life skills were very important for students in Haiti and could eventually lead to a career.   Harold chose to do good... ...when he donated 16...

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The Challenges of COVID-19 in Haiti

Despite the Haitian government’s valiant efforts to protect its country from COVID-19, the virus made its first appearance in Haiti two weeks ago. As of April 6th, Haiti has 21 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and one death from the virus, although testing is not widely...

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