What’s Happening in Haiti? [June 2023]

TUTORING:  There are many barriers to learning. Poverty, learning disorders and stress at home can all make it difficult for students to learn. To combat these issues, you are providing tutoring to students in the WWV partner schools who are struggling to pass their...

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Above and Beyond: Pastors Coalition

  The first time Pastor Jeff went to Haiti he visited a local church. “The building had an open format with no windows. We had breathtaking views of the Caribbean. People from all over the world were there. When we sang worship songs, you could tell people were...

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What’s Happening in Haiti? [May 2023]

So many individuals and families are blessed each month thanks to your generosity! Here's a look at just a few of those who have been impacted by you over the last month. SMALL BUSINESS GRANT: When the main breadwinner of a family passes away, it can be devastating...

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Call to Prayer 2023

  DAY 1: PEACE AND JUSTICE   As the country of Haiti continues to struggle with major turmoil, ask God to do what looks impossible - bring peace and justice to Haiti. Praise God that He is mighty in power. Bondye kapab - God is able!    "Now to Him who is...

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Goats and Laughter

The Belizaire family loves to tell jokes. Laughter can often be heard coming from their home.   Rosedenie sells charcoal and her husband works as a mason. They work hard, but struggle to make ends meet and rarely have extra as they raise their three children in...

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What’s Happening in Haiti? [April 2023]

Sadly, the struggles in Haiti continue. Gang violence, malnutrition, political uncertainty, and deep poverty persist. Thankfully, your ongoing generosity is a tangible reminder to the people of Haiti that even in the midst of trials, God is still good.    When...

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Vitamin Program

World Wide Village is partnering with Vitamin Angels to provide important vitamins to pregnant women, babies and young children in rural Haiti. During a time when food insecurity and malnutrition are on the rise, the ability to expand this program has been so very...

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What’s Happening in Haiti? [March 2023]

If you've ever lived "Up North" you know that March can be a long month. As you long for spring with flowers budding and birds chirping, the days of winter drag on. Occasionally you will enjoy a nice day with the sun shining, but as soon as you put away your snow...

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Future Nurse

Stephania Salvain is the second oldest child in a family of eight. From the time she was a little girl she has always wanted to become a nurse. Yet having the opportunity to attend school in Haiti can be a challenge for many families.   As Stephania’s younger...

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