Close to Home

Each morning, families in Williamson and Luly, Haiti wake up wondering what the day will hold. Gunshots heard overnight bring feelings of dread and uncertainty.   Sangela lives with her husband in Luly. She is eight months pregnant and eagerly awaiting the...

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On the Ground in Haiti

  2021-2022   Following the assassination of President Moise in July of 2021, gang violence erupted. Gangs in the capital city expanded their territories and many people were forced to flee their homes. Kidnappings grew sharply and roadblocks into Port-au-Prince...

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A New Mother

Encie Desir is a new mother. When asked what she most enjoys about her baby, Encie’s face lit up. The love of a mother was reflected in her bright smile.   “I love it when my baby cuddles with me and touches my face with his little hand. It makes me so happy. My...

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What’s Happening in Haiti [January 2024]

“Dèyè mòn gen mòn.” Behind mountains, more mountains. This well-known proverb in Haitian Creole can be a description of the endless mountain ranges in Haiti. On a deeper level, it reflects the insurmountable struggles that families face in Haiti.   Many Haitians...

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Breaking the Cycle: Camilla’s Story

Camilla Aurelien has struggled with poverty over the last several years, unsuccessfully trying to piece together work. Up until last month, she earned just $30 per month cleaning a large depot. It was a stretch to feed and clothe her girls on just $30 per month, so...

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Edens Fleurival

When Edens' father left his family many years ago, Edens took on a heavy load. As the man of the house, he felt a burden to take care of his family.  Now 22 years old, Edens helps his mom with his six siblings, attends college classes on the weekends, and works to...

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There are so many barriers to learning in Haiti. Poverty, hunger and lack of educational resources can cause children to struggle. Students who are exposed to violence (like that from gangs) are also more at risk of under-achieving and dropping out of school.  ...

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What’s Happening in Haiti [November 2023]

There’s a popular Christian song with lyrics that describe how God is working in Haiti right now: “Way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper, light in the darkness, my God, that is who You are.”   The song ends by repeating this phrase...“Even when I don’t see...

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