World Wide Village internships are a commitment: a Commitment to Christ, a Commitment of Time, a Commitment of Money, a Commitment to Haiti and a Commitment to Ministry Areas.

Commitment to Christ

World Wide Village is a Christ-centered, poverty-alleviation organization. Spiritual Development and Community Enrichment isn’t just our tagline or motto. It is the cornerstone of our organization. Our interns need to be strong in their faith and should be willing to share their faith with others.

Commitment of Time

A typical World Wide Village internship consists of a 2-3 month commitment. We require our interns to be actively engaged in our Ministry Areas. We tailor the intern involvement to individually utilize the field of study and passions or our interns in order that he or she has an exceptional experience.

Haiti Interns



Intern teaching students in Haiti

Commitment of Money

The Internship Program fee is $800 per month. This cost covers all housing, ground transportation (in Haiti), food & beverages, translators and project costs. By asking interns to provide the cost of their living expenses, we can assure that the maximum amount of our organizational funds go directly to serving the people of Haiti.

Commitment to Haiti

World Wide Village is committed to strengthening communities and guiding them through a process of healthy growth. Our internship program is designed to immerse participants in the Haitian culture to learn deeply the causes of and appropriate methods of poverty alleviation. Once you arrive in Haiti and meet the people, hug the children, and experience life here, we know you will fall in love with the country and it’s people.



Commitment to Ministry Area

Areas of involvement for our interns are as varied as the interns themselves. Some examples are:

  • Education: Interns will assist in the community schools where World Wide Village works to provide education. Interns will have the opportunity to work with Haitian teachers, local pastors, parents and community leaders to ensure that children are enrolled, attending and getting their educational needs met on a regular basis. Suggestions of better teaching practices are welcomed.
  • Housing/Construction: Interns will partner with American and Haitian construction workers to help provide Haitian families with sustainable homes. With over 200,000 families still living in substandard conditions, there is a strong need for hands-on training.
  • Marketing/Media: Interns will have the opportunity to capture photographs and video documentation of everyday life in Haiti – telling the story of Haiti and World Wide Village to potential donors and visitors. Areas may include social media, content marketing, graphic design, journalism and more.
  • Healthcare: Participants will work alongside World Wide Village to improve ongoing healthcare in the communities of Williamson and Luly, Haiti. Whether you are conducting public health surveys, hosting well-child check clinics, providing health training or simply going door to door to assess health needs, there are endless healthcare needs to be met in this area of Haiti.
  • Agriculture: Interns will have an opportunity to assess agricultural practices and offer improvement techniques in the areas of poultry production, and farming and gardening.

Intern helping haitian kid


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