Listening to the laughter at the D’Haiti house you might never know the pain they have experienced over the last five years.


Hearing the kids singing as they jump rope and giggle at silly jokes is a joy-filled sound as they move past their grief.

Five years ago, Dorvil D’Haiti and her family fled their home in a small town in Haiti. A gang had destroyed the homes in their neighborhood with fire, claiming they owned the land. Having fled in fear, Dorvil, her husband and their six children ended up settling in the hills above Williamson, Haiti.


Later that same year, Dorvil’s husband unexpectedly passed away. It was devastating for the family as he had previously worked as a mason to provide for the family.


Dorvil remembers praying to God through these trying times. “I’m lying on the ground, sleeping on the cold floor, and my stomach is hurting from the pains of hunger. I prayed to the Lord, ‘Lord, please send someone my way. Because I don’t have a mother, I don’t have a father. I have nothing. I have nothing I can sell to take care of the kids.’ Then World Wide Village came and visited us and answered our prayers by blessing us with a house.”


God answered her prayers through you!



Today, Dorvil’s family lives in a safe home in Williamson built by generous supporters like you. Each of the D’Haiti children is sponsored and attending school. The family received goats and a mule last year.


Dorvil uses the mule to haul water to construction sites in Williamson to earn a living. She also works part-time for World Wide Village distributing school lunches after school.


Last year, when times were especially difficult in Haiti, she was able to sell a goat from her growing herd to help sustain the family. Life isn’t easy, but she feels blessed. Telling her story through tears she said, “This is why I’m crying these tears, because I’m crying tears of joy. If you believe in the Lord and trust in the Lord and continue to pray, one day He will deliver you. I go to bed at night and praise the Lord.”


We just can’t say it enough… Thank you for being an answer to prayer and thank you for turning a home filled with tears into a home filled with laughter.