Tania Saintfleur loves people and loves cooking.

She is the mother of two boys and also cares for her aging mother. Tania has used her love of cooking to earn a living, selling Haitian Fritay – a collection of fried foods such as plantains, paté, fried meats and more.

Growing up, Tania did not have the opportunity to attend school. “I only went to school through third grade, but I couldn’t continue because of financial problems,” said Tania. When Tania and her husband had their first child (Donalson), they hoped to give him more opportunities.


Between Tania’s cooking business and her husband’s work in construction they earned enough to put Donalson and his brother through primary school. Yet life has become more and more difficult in Haiti.


Construction jobs are hard to come by and inflation has made everyday items much more expensive. These struggles, combined with the high cost of secondary school, has made it nearly impossible for Tania and her husband to afford school for Donalson and his brother.

Situations like this are exactly where sponsorship can make a tremendous difference for families in Haiti. Thanks to a wonderful sponsor, Donalson is now in 9th grade in Luly!


In May he will be taking the 9th grade National Exam and will be able to continue in high school – without the financial burden of paying tuition.

“I feel very happy and blessed,” said Donalson. “I want to become a doctor someday to help others and help my family.”


Tania said that she has raised Donalson to be a humble and respectful young man. She knows that with the help of sponsorship, he will be able to go far someday. She is grateful. It does a mother’s heart good to know that her son will have the opportunities that she never had herself.

If Donalson’s sponsor is able to come to Haiti someday, Tania wants to make a feast of her famous Haitian Fritay to celebrate! It would be her way of saying thank you for giving her son the chance at a brighter future.


To sponsor a student like Donalson, visit: https://worldwidevillage.org/student-sponsorship.


When you sponsor a child, you provide help for today, hope for tomorrow, and faith for eternity.

Do you love to cook like Tania?  Make Haitian Fritay right at home!  Learn how to make fried akra, salmon boulette and bannan peze with a side of Haitian pikliz!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1fi0ZFbls0