Encie Desir is a new mother. When asked what she most enjoys about her baby, Encie’s face lit up. The love of a mother was reflected in her bright smile.


“I love it when my baby cuddles with me and touches my face with his little hand. It makes me so happy. My baby puts his finger in my mouth and smiles. That makes me smile.”


Encie Desir delivered her first baby boy at Sant Sante Espwa last April. She and her husband named their baby Erlens. They were grateful for the excellent care they received from World Wide Village. Aside from morning sickness and acid reflux, Encie had a healthy pregnancy and smooth delivery.

The World Wide Village nurse and midwife helped calm Encie’s fears during pregnancy and provided medication to alleviate her aggravating reflux. The Healthy Mothers + Healthy Babies program was there each step of the way to ensure Encie had a healthy pregnancy.


At her most recent appointment Encie said, “I will pray that the clinic here will grow more because I have received so much good care. When I was pregnant and joined the program, I received medication for free. I didn’t have to spend a lot of money to come here.”


Encie and her husband had to flee their home several months ago due to gang violence in Williamson. Fleeing the violence disrupted their lives immensely. Yet Sant Sante Espwa re-opening in a new location has allowed Encie to continue utilizing the clinic.

Most recently Encie visited the clinic because she enrolled her son in the vitamin program.


Baby Erlens was able to receive a health check along with Vitamin A and Albendazole to protect against parasitic worms and malnutrition.


The vitamin program is vital for babies and children growing up in this time of unprecedented struggle in Haiti.


Please know that we are beyond grateful for your continued support of healthcare in rural Haiti. It has not been easy, but your ongoing giving is providing care to so many mothers and babies. In the midst of uncertainty and fear, it is a beacon of hope and stability.


Thank you!