A note from Peter Seraphin – WWV Operations Manager in Haiti


“Hi. I’m Peter Serpahin. I’ve been one of the managers of World Wide Village for 10 years…from April of 2010, which was right after the earthquake. In my job with World Wide Village I see firsthand the impact that donations to World Wide Village have on the community we serve. With that, I must personally say thank you for your donations that have made fresh water, education, medical care, sewing center, goat programs and a lot more possible for our community.

Mrs. Ketia, a mother of six children who has very little, thanks World Wide Village for providing her with goats that are now multiplying. Her objective is – with the goats – she will be able to save to purchase her own house, and to get out of the tarp house she is now living in with her children.

Things in Haiti are tough right now, due to closure of schools, businesses and steady rising costs. Just last week, six dozen plantains (a food staple in Haiti) cost $18. Two months ago the same amount of plantains was $8.

Your donations will make a tremendous impact. Will you consider today becoming part of the WWV Cornerstone Club? Doing so together we can continue to help families in Haiti. COVID-19 is a worldwide crisis. I think together we can make a difference.