Last month, a gang from the mountains entered Williamson claiming to own the land where Adwens and his younger sister, Wisemie, had lived for years. When the gang arrived with guns in hand demanding their land, everyone fled.


In fear, Adwens and Wisemie retreated to a neighboring community to seek safety. They were able to take shelter with their aunt, but soon heard the news that their own home and all their possessions had gone up in flames. They were devastated.


Adwens and Wisemie have been in the sponsorship program for many years. Hearing of their struggle, World Wide Village staff stepped in to help.


Adwens and Wisemie received a large food pack of rice and beans that will feed their family for over a month.


They are also receiving rent assistance and will soon be part of the micro-business program to get back on their feet as they start to rebuild their lives.


Attending school will also be possible thanks to sponsorship.


For families in Williamson who have been going through very dark days, knowing that there is someone to help with life’s most basic necessities is bringing peace. Sponsorship is a godsend in difficult times.


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