At age 14, Bensky Jacquet’s life turned upside down. His father unexpectedly passed away leaving him to help his mother care for his four younger siblings. “My mother tries her very best to give us what we need. She used to sell food products, but the business took a fall.”


Life has been very difficult for Bensky and his family over the last six years. Affording school tuition was nearly impossible when Bensky’s father passed away. Thankfully, sponsorship made it possible for Bensky to continue in school – and finish strong.


“Sponsorship was a tremendous blessing,” said Bensky. “I am grateful.”

Bensky knew that graduating high school and earning his Philo certificate was the best path to a brighter future.


“If there’s a job opening, the first thing the employer will ask is whether or not you have a Philo certificate. It’s an honor to have a Philo certificate in a Haitian family,” he said.


After graduation, Bensky was able to start vocational school thanks to the ongoing support of his sponsor.

Right now, Bensky is studying to become a plumber and cell phone technician.


He believes that plumbing is a vocation for the future in rural Haiti. Right now, there are not many homes being built with plumbing due to poverty. Yet he has faith that someday Haiti will turn around and his skills will be beneficial.

On the other hand, cell phones have boomed in Haiti over the last five years and there is increasing demand for technicians to understand and repair those phones.


“My new skills are helping me support my family,” Bensky said. “Thanks to the sponsorship program, I can now support myself and my family by repairing and servicing cell phones.”  

Bensky said that over fifty students started in his two vocational programs but less than half of them will finish the program because they cannot afford to pay tuition. He is thankful that he has been able to attend this program without the burden of paying tuition and knows that sponsorship has changed his life.


A special thanks to Justin DeCamp who sponsors Bensky, helping him reach his goals. Sponsorship can truly impact the life of a student, a family and a community!


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