“It was God’s doing…”

Unable to afford school as a teenager, Bethina hoped that meeting a man and starting a family would be a path to happiness. Yet like many young women in Haiti, Bethina is now a single mother of three children, depending upon neighbors and family for support.

“Last year was very difficult. I could not work. I was not doing anything to survive with my children. It was very, very difficult,” says Bethina.

Then last week, WWV manager Peter Seraphin met Bethina on his way to interview a family who would soon be receiving goats from World Wide Village. He was struck by Bethina’s difficult circumstances and knew he needed to help.


“It was God’s doing,” says Peter about meeting Bethina. “I was not looking for this family.” Yet God knew right where to send Peter to help a young mother in need.


Today, you have a wonderful opportunity to bless a young mother. Raising goats could be the perfect way for Bethina to provide for her small family. It could bring her dignity and a new livelihood.

“It would be a great pleasure to receive goats from World Wide Village. I would use them wisely because it’s from God’s hands,” says Bethina. 


Your gift of goats today can bring dignity and a new livelihood to Bethina Cinat. $75 will provide one pregnant goat and training. Any amount can help create a new future for this beautiful woman and mother.