Thanks to your generosity, we’re expanding education in Haiti, one classroom at a time!


Over the last two months, many of you have contributed to building new classrooms in Luly, Haiti. We have been blown away by your generosity! Amazing supporters from Grace Community Church and Forest Hill Church, along with our Giving Tuesday crew gave enough for five new classrooms to be built in Luly.


An update:


Good Samaritan School: The roof has been raised on three classrooms at the Good Samaritan School just in time for classes to begin after Christmas break. The classrooms are awaiting final touches, but they will be functional for the second half of the school year. So wonderful!

Luly School: The land is also being cleared at the site where two new classrooms will be built at the Luly School. Supplies are being purchased, the crew is being assembled and construction will begin on these classrooms soon.



These school construction projects also have benefits beyond a space for education for the people of Haiti.


  • The men who are working on the construction sites are earning pay that will sustain their families for months. With the turmoil in Haiti, many men that work as masons have had very little work. These school building projects are providing much-needed jobs.


  • The new Luly School project will also be an opportunity for one of our university students in the engineering program to get hands-on experience as he participates in the building process!  Working alongside the World Wide Village construction crew will offer an invaluable look at good workmanship and offer him excellent mentors.


  • Last, but certainly not least, these classrooms will be a space for children to experience God’s love. The Good Samaritan and Luly schools offer a Christ-centered education for their students. During a time when turmoil is all around and fear permeates students’ days, school offers a safe place for children to be children and a space to hear of God’s love for them.


Thank you for making this possible!