On Saturday, May 18th the people of Haiti will celebrate the culture and heritage of their country on Flag Day. Haitians love and take pride in their country. Many of the children in the WWV schools even share that Flag Day is their favorite holiday of the year!

As World Wide Village gets ready to celebrate this wonderful holiday, we want to thank you for helping create a better Haiti – a Haiti where all children have access to education. We also want to invite you to help us #CelebrateHaiti on May 18th as we strive together with our Haitian friends to make an impact, to make a difference, to make a change. 

The goal of #CelebrateHaiti? Take joy in the 385 students who have already been blessed with a sponsorship (thanks to you!), AND sponsor 20 new children by May 31st! We need your help to tell others about the wonderful opportunity to sponsor a child and bring them hope for a brighter future. Will you take just a minute on Saturday, May 18th to help spread the word?

New this year…


I’m so busy…how can I play a part?

  • Student Snapshots! This year, you can do good on the go by requesting a STUDENT SNAPSHOT. Hook one to your purse, backpack or computer bag and you will have the opportunity to spread the word about sponsorship and change the life of a specific child wherever you go!  Select a student and request a snapshot today!
  • Social Media! There are so many children who are still waiting for a sponsor. On Saturday, May 18th, grab your cell phone – you know it’s always with you! – and jump on Facebook and Instagram. World Wide Village will be posting photos and stories of students who need a sponsor every hour during the day. Share, share, share!
  • Personal Asks! Select an individual student who is in need of a sponsor and send a text or an e-mail, share on your own favorite social media channels, or talk to you co-workers at lunch about their need.  Every action you take, no matter how small, could help change the life of a child.


Together, let’s #CelebrateHaiti!