Each morning, families in Williamson and Luly, Haiti wake up wondering what the day will hold. Gunshots heard overnight bring feelings of dread and uncertainty.


Sangela lives with her husband in Luly. She is eight months pregnant and eagerly awaiting the delivery of her second child.


She knows that healthcare is important for her health and the baby, but traveling to another community for prenatal care is just not safe.

Sangela’s husband awakes each morning, and the phone calls begin as they seek information on the status of the roads in the area. Are the roads blocked by gangs?  Or are they safe to travel today?


If Sangela goes into labor, will she be able to safely access a midwife or clinic?


You can imagine the joy for Sangela and her husband when Sant Sante Espwa re-opened its doors close to her home.


“I would love for the clinic to continue to be open because it helps a lot. There is good medication and great services. It’s especially valuable because of the circumstance in our country. When we don’t have to go far for healthcare, it helps a lot.”


Thank you for blessing so many moms in rural Haiti like Sangela. Even when life is chaos all around, she can count on medical care from the loving staff at Sant Sante Espwa. Thank you!