The Cornerstone Club

The Cornerstone Club

The Cornerstone Club is a faithful group of WWV supporters who want to build a strong foundation for God’s ongoing work in Haiti. Members of the Cornerstone Club donate each month to World Wide Village to help foster sustainability and growth. They understand God’s call to generosity knowing that “they are to do good, to be rich in good works, to be generous and ready to share…” 1 Timothy 6:17

Funds donated by Cornerstone Club members are used to support the operations and strategic planning of World Wide Village. Donations are used for those elements of the organization that are crucial to fulfilling the mission of World Wide Village and include:

  • Employment of Haitian staff
  • Ongoing costs associated with operating a medical center
  • Supporting families and single mothers through sustainable business solutions
  • Funds for agricultural initiatives
  • On the ground expenses such as rent, vehicles, diesel fuel & generators
  • Ongoing costs associated with the sewing center
  • Supporting the local church as they care for abandoned children
  • Telling the story of God’s work through World Wide Village
  • Training materials for pastors and Bibles for the local church

These items and many others require ongoing, monthly support from faithful stewards like you. As part of the core of World Wide Village, members will receive a small gift to welcome you to our community and update letters from the president on progress and challenges in Haiti. Would you consider strengthening the foundation of WWV by joining the Cornerstone Club?

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Cornerstone (Recurring)

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