Stephania Salvain is the second oldest child in a family of eight. From the time she was a little girl she has always wanted to become a nurse. Yet having the opportunity to attend school in Haiti can be a challenge for many families.


As Stephania’s younger siblings grew up, sending all six children to school was extremely difficult. Paying school tuition and testing fees, along with purchasing uniforms and schoolbooks can quickly add up for families who struggle with poverty.


When Stephania’s parents could not afford to pay tuition for every child in the family, they had to take turns attending school.

Yet Stephania never gave up hope of graduating. When she was in 6th grade, she received the amazing news that she was sponsored!


Stephania would no longer need to miss school. That’s a tremendous blessing! After Stephania graduated, she shared her thanks: 


“Sponsorship helped me to reach Philo (senior year) because my parents would not have been able to afford the years of schooling it took me to reach Philo. I would like to thank my sponsor (Dawn) and I pray that the Lord continues to bless her. Hopefully the Lord will allow me to reach my goal of going to university to study nursing.”

Now just six months since graduation, the Lord is allowing Stephania to reach her goal of becoming a nurse. Last month she enrolled in a nursing program. UNEJ University in Arcahaie, Haiti offers classes where she can study medical biology, pharmacology and nursing.


When she is finished with her four-year program, Stephania hopes to become a pediatric nurse. Her goal is to help care for children in her own community of Williamson.


A special thanks to her sponsor, Dawn, for continuing sponsorship to make this possible!