Next month we will celebrate our 3rd annual #GivingTuesday at World Wide Village!

What is #GivingTuesday? It’s a global day of giving that follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday and celebrates generosity. As WWV supporters, we want to rally together again this year to #DoSomething to bless the people of Haiti.

This year we are mixing it up a little and will be raising funds for people in Haiti we love the most (our staff!) plus blessing several other individuals with grants to start a business or complete vocational school.  Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to bless so many on November 27th. Let’s #DoSomething!

Here’s a sneak peek at those who will benefit this year:

Clermancia lost her husband several months ago and has been struggling to make ends meet and provide for her three children. We are hoping to raise $800 on #GivingTuesday to assist Clermancia in setting up a business in the market so she can earn a living and care for her children.

Pictured: Clermancia and her two teenage children


Alexis serves WWV by providing spiritual care and administration at the WWV medical center. We are hoping to raise $1200 toward Alexis’ salary so he can continue to serve in this role.

Anel is not only a skilled construction manager, but also enjoys sharing his faith and the love of the Lord with others. We are raising $1200 for Anel to be able to continue blessing families with safe homes.

Mirielle is a mother of four children and also cares for two young nieces in Williamson. Mirielle would like to go into business selling goods in Williamson. She was a successful businesswoman in the past and $1,000 would enable her to start up her business once again.

Evílson is a 10th grader at the WWV school in Williamson who lives on his own and has persevered through many trials. A $500 grant would allow Evílson to start a phone-charging business so he can continue in school and have enough to afford food while his mother is unable to care for him.

Pictured: Evílson


Jamil and Peter are pillars of World Wide Village through their leadership and steadfastness over the years. We are raising $3000 to continue to pay these men to lead the way in Haiti.

Encie and Likerlange are the nurses at the WWV medical center are blessing many in rural Haiti with access to healthcare. We are raising $2400 as partial pay for these two dedicated nurses.

Elda has completed one year of cooking school and hopes to open her own business selling cakes, cookies and everything delicious. $800 will give Elda the chance to finish school and open her own business to be able to provide for her three young sons, teaching them the importance of perseverance.

Pictured: Elda with her new oven


Roberson has done a wonderful job getting the WWV gardens started and is hoping to expand into more agricultural projects. $1200 will help Roberson continue this project, providing food and livelihoods for families in Williamson.

Mylove is a young mother who never had the opportunity to finish school because her family struggles financially. Even though she is too old to return to school, $800 can help her start a business selling in the market so she’s able to provide for herself and her daughter and not rely on with relationships with men to meet her financial needs.

If you’ve been to Haiti with World Wide Village recently, you have probably met Reggie. Just a few years ago, Reggie moved to Haiti from America and has been a great addition to our staff working with the student sponsorship program and with our teams. $1200 will help Reggie continue to serve in these roles and we all would love that!

Liliane is a grandmother in Williamson and is raising three of her granddaughters and her teenage nephew whose parents are unable to care for him. After losing her job at an orphanage when it closed, Liliane was devastated. $600 will give her an opportunity to grow a small business selling goods in the market to care for her family.


Pictured: Liliane



Phito, also known as the “The Goat Whisperer” has been invaluable in overseeing the City on a Hill projects in Williamson, including the well, goatherd and the medical center. We are raising $1200 so that Phito can continue to bless families in Haiti with water, goats and healthcare!

With your help, we know we can reach our goal of $15,900 to continue God’ work in Haiti on #GivingTuesday. Would you consider helping us spread the word to raise funds for someone special on this list? If you’re interested in joining the #GivingTuesday team or learning more, e-mail Kim Anderson at We hope to hear from you!