Ketia Deceus and her husband work hard selling used clothing in the market to earn a living. Their small business allows them to scrape by just enough to cover the basic needs for their three young children. Yet even the simple act of feeding their young family has now become more difficult than ever.

The political protests and civil unrest last fall, and now the COVID-19 crisis, have devastated the already fragile economy in Haiti. Families like the Deceus’ are struggling.

Thanks to your ongoing generosity, the Deceus family received goats last fall. Ketia’s two goats have already become four goats…those four goats will soon become eight goats… you get the picture!

Ketia and her husband plan to use the goats to help pay for school tuition and uniforms, unexpected medical costs and someday replace their tarp walls with a permanent home. The future is looking up for this family of five!


“I want to say thank you. When I received the goats it was a huge blessing because I didn’t have any. I had two goats and now I have four.  For the future, this will be a huge help for me. Thank God and thank you in the goat program, and I ask that God will protect everyone who is involved in the goat program. I say thank you God very much for the goat project.”  – Ketia Deceus

Please know that your gifts are deeply appreciated by the communities in which we serve. Lives are being changed, families are being impacted, and the love of Christ is being shown in very tangible ways.

Thank you.