Elicide Mercius loves her family. She lives with her oldest daughter, helping care for her grandchildren and cooking for the family. Elicide is strong and resilient but has very high blood pressure.


Living in rural Haiti, Elicide has known family and friends who have suffered from a stroke due to high blood pressure. Stroke continues to be the number one cause of death in Haiti. Elicide understands the dangers of having high blood pressure. “Without taking medication I could become paralyzed or even die.”


Until World Wide Village opened the medical center in Elicide’s village, she had no way to access or afford the medication she needed. Thanks to you, Elicide is now part of the WWV Blood Pressure Program and regularly visits the clinic for medication, blood pressure checks and prayer.


When you donate to World Wide Village, you are saving lives! You are helping ensure that Elicide will be there to help her children and grandchildren and continue to serve in her local church for years to come. You are blessing those like Elicide and many others in rural Haiti who have little access to healthcare. THANK YOU!


“This is important for my community. Thank you for your help. May God bless you and protect you.”


Pictured: Elicide (in pink) praying with WWV staff and other patients in the blood pressure program.