“Hi, I’m Reggie. I’ve worked with World Wide Village for four years now. I really love and enjoy my job working with the student sponsorship program and also translating for teams. If you’ve been to Haiti recently we most likely met and shared a great week worth of experiences – meeting new people and connecting with them.


This past year, because of the political situation here in Haiti and now the coronavirus, very few teams are coming to Haiti. My family relies on the wages I earn with World Wide Village to make ends meet. Being a new dad, it makes me nervous knowing things are tight financially for World Wide Village right now. So I’m asking…


Will you please consider today, becoming part of the Cornerstone Club to help World Wide Village stay strong during these hard times & continue to help my family and the rest of the World Wide Village staff?


Thank you so, so much for your support of WWV which allows me to continue to work and support my family, even without the presence of teams here in Haiti.”