Yselande and Amanda Filias are sisters and best friends. They live together with their mother in Williamson, Haiti. Yselande and Amanda’s mother is a hard worker and has been proud of being able to send her daughters to school. When tragedy struck their extended family several years ago, they stepped into help, bringing in their young nieces to live in their home.


Adding two more children to feed, clothe and send to school really stretched the family finances and they reached out to World Wide Village for help. Thanks to sponsorship, Yselande and Amanda were able to continue in school and graduated from high school last year!

Amanda most enjoyed studying chemistry and math in school. When a vocational program opened where she could learn how to make detergents, soaps and cosmetics (and run her own business!) she knew it would be a great fit. Amanda’s sponsor blessed her with the opportunity to attend this vocational training school and she recently graduated from the one-year program. Amanda will soon receive a micro-business grant to launch her new business!


Yselande also started vocational school after graduation and chose to studying cosmetology. She learned lace application (for lace front wigs), “Tara” hairstyles, makeup application and nails. These beauty services are very popular for young women in Haiti!  Now that Yselande has graduated, she will also have the opportunity to open a small business.


Sponsorship is providing hope for tomorrow!

A special thanks to Yselande and Amanda’s sponsor for supporting both girls in their time of need. How wonderful for these young women to reach their goals of graduating high school and graduating from a vocational program that will provide them with a new career.


Yselande and Amanda said, “We would like to thank our sponsor so much. May God bless her.”