Meet Alexis. He works on staff with World Wide Village providing administration and soul care at our medical center and assisting with the student sponsorship program. Alexis has been with WWV for about six years.

Alexis grew up with his aunt in Port-au-Prince. “My aunt could not have children of her own, so she adopted me into her family,” he said. He started going to school when he was six, and he went all the way through high school and through professional school. “After high school, I went to professional school and learned how to be a mechanic. At the same time, I learned how to work with computers,” said Alexis. “But I always wanted to be a teacher and teach English. So, I started teaching at an institute.”

Despite the small salary that came with teaching, Alexis loved his job. “I never made a good salary as a teacher, but it wasn’t money that I was seeking after,” he said. “I wanted to teach people and to help people. I was always happy just doing that.”

About six years ago, Alexis stopped teaching English and came to work with us at World Wide Village. “Working with World Wide Village has been a spiritual experience. I have encountered the gospel in a lot of ways with the new teams that come in. That is really awesome to see,” he said. “When medical teams come in, I am able to learn a lot from the doctors. It is great to see the medical being partnered with the spiritual.”

Pictured: Alexis praying with patients in the blood pressure program

Alexis has been heavily involved with our hypertension clinic. “I am interested in the medical clinic because I like to receive people and talk to them,” he said. “The kids, too. Because with the kids, I have learned that you must be patient with them. When I became a Christian, I learned about patience as a fruit of the spirit. So even when the kids are difficult, I try to listen because I know I must be patient with them.”

Raised in a Christian home, Alexis made the commitment to start following Jesus at the age of 19. “God is really faithful to me,” he said. “Because I am human, I have made mistakes. But even then, God is faithful to me.”

Connecting his faith with his passion for kids is where Alexis truly shines. “I love to share the gospel with the kids, and help them to understand who Christ is,” he said. “They are so young, and I enjoy talking to them and helping them understand what life is. Even when they make mistakes, if they love Jesus and know who He is, they can be forgiven from their mistakes. Every single time. I want to teach them about the gospel and encourage them to be shaped by the gospel.”

Alexis’ talent is best highlighted when he is working with kids in the light of the gospel. We love having him on staff with us, and we constantly learn from him and his fiercely protective yet gently humorous demeanor. Alexis’ life is marked by the gospel, and we enjoy celebrating him and his steadfast faith!

Would you like to support Alexis in his work in Haiti? Give early to our #GivingTuesday fundraiser to support our staff. CLICK HERE to go directly to Alexis’ fundraising page!