Meet Tata!  She’s one of our newest staff members World Wide Village. Tata works in our garden on the hills above Williamson as part of the City on a Hill project. “My role is mainly to tend to the garden,” said Tata. “That includes watering the plants and keeping all the bugs off them.”

            Tata was previously working odd construction jobs around the Williamson area, but work was usually sparse. Roberson (WWV Agriculture Manager) recommended that we hire Tata and we are so glad that we did!  Tata started working when the garden was first planted earlier this spring.  “I really love working in this garden,” said Tata. “I enjoy it far more than I enjoyed my previous jobs.” When the first round of produce is ripe, she will work closely with WWV to determine where the products should be sold or distributed.

            “I love living in Haiti,” said Tata. “I truly like everything about it—except the fact that the price of food here is too expensive. Most people can’t afford it.” This is a cyclic issue that World Wide Village is passionate about fighting and our prayer is that an expanding garden will mean more job opportunities and greater access to affordable food in this area of Haiti, but we need your help to make this a reality.

Your monthly gifts to the Cornerstone Club will allow these agricultural projects to continue and grow!  Would you consider becoming a monthly partner by giving $25, $50 or even $100 per month?  It would be an incredible investment in the lives of the people of Haiti.