More than anything else that WWV strives to accomplish in Haiti, sharing the gospel and furthering God’s Kingdom are the most important!

Compared to most other medical missions organizations, the focus of World Wide Village is not on the number of patients treated in a day, but on the quality of time spent with each individual. Treating fewer patients per day enables us to engage with patients on multiple levels, providing medical care and soul care. This system has provided not only physical improvements, but also changed lives through the healing power of a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Four-year-old Michama (pictured above) and her family are just one example of soul care and medical care being provided side-by-side. Like all patients that come into the World Wide Village medical center, Michama and her family received much more than just medical care. 

Michama’s mother was encouraged in her walk with the Lord, even in the midst of feeling shame, and was reminded of God’s love for her. That same day, Michama’s aunt heard the gospel and accepted Christ as her Savior with WWV staff and team members praying over her. Praise God!

We believe that providing medical treatment for heartburn, high blood pressure and urinary tract infections is so important for the Haitian people – who are created in God’s image – and do not have access to medical care. But we also know that providing medication is only a temporary benefit. Providing soul care and sharing the gospel can provide an eternal benefit to our patients – even better! 

Are you a medical provider? 

We have a strong need for clinically trained individuals who desire to serve in an environment like ours. Our Haitian brothers and sisters would be immensely blessed to have more medical providers involved so that we can care for even more people.

The medical providers who have traveled to Haiti with World Wide Village believe that serving in Haiti is a great opportunity to use God-given skills to bless others in need. What a joy to serve and experience close interaction with patients without other distractions such as EMR’s and documentation. Plus, they are bringing glory to God with their work and they return home better equipped to more openly incorporate Christ’s love in their practices at home.


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